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Anniversary!1 year of not having a home, your whole life in one big backpack, taking a plane at least once a month, knowing more airports than the actual countries they are in, jumping from place to place every couple of days, meeting fascinating people from all over the world, being able to call those people friends, having late night conversations about god and the world, thinking about life and your specific path you want to take, always looking for the cheapest accommodation no matter how shitty it is, sleeping in bunk beds, sleeping almost every day as long as you want, having cold showers, considering black coffee and bread with jam or cheese a good breakfast, counting every single Cent you spend and trying to safe money all the time, wearing boxer shorts more than one day and shirts more than a week, getting lost in different cities, listening to different languages, getting to know completely different but then in some way similar cultures, exploring the most incredible places you have been only told stories about, seeing breathtaking landscapes, still trying to learn to play guitar without big success, but not giving up, adding more countries to your bucket-list than crossing out, not shaving for days and weeks and not caring how you look because in the backpacker lifestyle nobody cares and nobody judges, walking around barefooted for days, not owning socks anymore, missing family and friends, being excited about the future, organizing your life by your own, being your own boss not knowing when to go back home. 1 year of freedom.According to my first plan, I should’ve been home by now. But instead I’m continuing living this lifestyle for at least 4-5 more months. I arrived in Santiago, Chile a couple days ago realizing that the day I left home, 1st of Mai, was exactly one year ago. Now I’m about to travel Chile, Peru, Equador (maybe), Bolivia, Paraguay and Argentina.The flight home is not booked yet. Neither do I have an exact date when I will be home. I roughly couldn’t be happier.Life is good.It’s in your hands to change it.Not more and not less.

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